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About Us

Santoni Electric was conceptualized way back in 1983 with the idea of being pro-active towards pollution control and energy efficient solutions. Today, it is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

As acknowledged by over 12,000 installations across India and various parts of the world, Santoni has provided unique and effective solutions to the problems of the industry.

The R&D team, head by the Founder (Mr. A.K. Bhatia, B.Tech IIT-D), continues to innovate and provide to clients solutions which are unique and highly efficient.

Ahead in technology – Ahead in design
Pioneering in the fields of cleaning and air pollution control Santoni is the first to design and manufacture several machines in India , such as Single disc rotary floor scrubber, Combined scrubber drier, Cartridge based dust collector, etc. in addition to many mechanisms which make the equipment more efficient, more convenient and safer to handle.

The products profile of the Company includes Cleaning and Housekeeping Machines Tools, Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment and Pneumatic Conveying Systems. Under each category the Company offers a full range of standard models as well as customized systems to meet the specific needs of the industry and commerce.

Apart from direct needs of the industry, Santoni also provides Expert Consultation in the fields of Cleaning Equipment, Air Pollution Control and Pneumatic Conveying, by some of the most experienced personnel.For more information, please feel free to contact the local Santoni Sales Representatives.

Manufacturing Facility
Starting from the Research Development of the Products, to the finishing touches given to them, we at Santoni believe in doing it in-house. The manufacturing facility at Faridabad near Delhi is well equipped and constantly being upgraded to meet the challenges of future.

Quality Control
The in-house Quality Checking mechanisms ensure that the smallest of components remain true to their design. This is verified by techniques developed by the design and creative head of the company. A stringent and efficient mechanism has been set in place after years of experience to ensure that the procedures are followed.

Support Services
With a pedigree of excellence, Santoni believes in putting the needs of the customer as its main focus. With the Head Office set up in New Delhi, we provide services to the entire country, to serve the needs of the clients.

Mission Statement
Santoni Electric has dedicated itself to a safer and healthier world, by achieving excellence in the field of industrial cleaning and air pollution control. The aim is to serve the industry by providing products that define state-of-art, developed through in-house R&D.

Santoni Electric has always worked in past and plans to keep up its endeavour to set new standards of engineering innovation to achieve highest standards of performance.

While profit is the prime motive, our responsibilities towards global society, environment, and compassion towards mankind as well as all other forms of life, and respect for law of the land are some of the subjects which are very dear to our heart and get the highest priority.

Celebrating 30 years of Excellence!