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Starting from the R&D Centers for development of the latest automotive creations, to manufacturing the various components, to the assembly of these components to form the final product (the vehicle itself), and even ensuring the well being of these vehicles post-sales, Santoni products are currently being utilized in all the stages.

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From floor to ceiling in case of finished projects, and at various stages in on-going projects, Santoni has provided solutions for diverse applications. Floor Maintenance, housekeeping, dust control, finished goods preparation before dispatch, etc. generated during multiple processes - these are some of the treatments Santoni has to offer.

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Dust & fumes of various kinds are the principle source of various problems - be it the employee's health, or the quality of the finished goods - these are a big source of expense to any kind of manufacturing company.

Santoni has developed custom made solutions for over 12,000 clients globally in the past three decades, and has had 100% success rate. Testimonials from various satisfied clients bears testimony to this fact.

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Starting from the exteriors (body panels, windows etc.) and up till the nooks & crannies in the interiors (seats, upholstery, carpets,etc.) - Santoni Cleaning Equipment are capable of tackling all the dust & grime - leaving the vehicle in a pristine condition.

Recommended Equipment:

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