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Bag & Cartridge Filter Systems


Mechanical Bag filtration Systems

Bag Filter System Manufacturers in India by Santoni Mechanical shaker based Bag Filters are very economical and suitable for applications that generate course dusts

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Pulse Jet Bag Filter Dust Collection System

Heavy, non-woven needled filter media with special finishes to suit your needs

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Cartridge Filter System (CFS)

We are proud to say that we are the first company to introduce CFS in India

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Mechanical Bag Filter System
These systems are used for coarse particles like saw dust & wooden shaving. Open bag filter systems can be used indoors, while closed bag filter systems are used outdoors.
Shaking of the filter can be carried out manually, or via a motor with timer based automization.

Pulse Jet Bag Filter System
Removal of particulate matter from process & general ventilation air, and recovery of valuable products from manufacturing processes can be done using Santoni Pulse Jet Bag Filter System. Various designs are available to go with the exact application.

Top enter is used for low concentration, fine dust. Hopper entry is used for high concentration, coarse dust. Selection criteria can be further discussed in terms of material of construction of the system, reverse pulse jet filter cleaning via compressed air, etc.

Usual application of Pulse Jet Bag Filter systems include fabrication, sanding, bailing, blasting, cutting, chipping, etc.

Cartridge Filter System
When it comes to industries that require high levels of cleanliness, or have high valued materials to be captured, there comes a need to utilize sophisticated Cartridge Filter Systems.

With 99.97% filtration levels, the efficiency of dust capture is very high. This is especially important where toxic materials or high value materials are concerned.

These are designed & manufactured in India by Santoni
Processes such as powder coating, tissue & aqua culture, pharmaceutical manufacture, premium sugar manufacture, decorative laminates, PCB manufacture, and diffusion labs.