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Injection / Extraction Machines

Prima IE

IE 60

  • Professional series carpet cleaner vacuum for commercial needs.
  • Excellent 60 L capacity
  • Robust & durable SS tank
  • Covers a large area without needing to empty the tank
  • Usable both for carpets & for upholstery cleaning
  • Greater tank size ensure high cleaning efficiency & lowers labour costs


BloDry Triple Speed

  • It is a high speed air blower in a compact package, which quickly dries wet / damp carpets and floors, thus saves valuable time.
  • The strong motor blows air and creates a turbulence in the room for faster drying action.
  • Robust shockproof body
  • Mesh Screen.
  • Powerful blower shortens the drying time.
  • Air can be regulated through speed selector switch
  • Power: 900 W

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