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Central Dust Collector

M/s I. K. ENTERPRISES, NOIDA, UP, India,  manufacture silver-ware.  They were using make-shift dust collectors for the buffing machines in their plant.  Due to poor extraction (and collection) efficiency the workers were working with cloth masks to protect themselves from the fine dust.On the advise of Mr. Sandeep Dayal (consultant - jewelry production) the owner of the company Mrs. I. Kochhar contacted us.

Now, the sizes of the silverware manufactured by I K Enterprises is so varied (starting from a an inch to 4 feet) that it  was not possible to handle all of them with one type of suction hoods and still be energy efficient.  We, therefore, advised her to dedicate one buffing machine to one size range of items (like items up to 6 inches, over 6 inches up to 12 inches, etc.) and designed suction hoods accordingly.

The central duct collector supplied to them is not only made a marked difference in terms of extraction efficiency (almost 100%) but also in terms of collection efficiency (the dust collector paid back for its whole cost within 3 months due to increased collection of recyclable silver).