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Discrete Dust Collectors

M/s K&K Auto P. Ltd. Hosur (Near Bangalore, India), is an ancillary unit of TVS automobiles, manufacturing brake shoes for two wheelers. On their various types of grinders they were using eleven 3 HP dust collectors from one of our competitors with least amount of satisfaction. The reasons for unsatisfactory performance were found to be two fold :

  • The supplier had supplied the dust collectors only but no SUCTION HOODS. The user had fitted some make shift arrangement in place of SUCTION HOODS, which of course was not good enough to suck the dust efficiently.
  • The dust collectors, though with 3 HP blowers, had a very small filter and the dust was being collected INSIDE THE FILTER BAG choking it very fast.
  • We offered 0.5 HP dust collectors (SANTONI DC-200) in place of 3HP dust collectors and advised them on the design of suction hoods and the customer, being cautious, purchased one machine to begin with. When the performance was found to be satisfactory he gradually changed all the eleven old dust collectors with SANTONI dust collectors - saving over Rs. 200,000 (USD 4,500/-) in power bills alone per year as a bonus with the higher performance as the main benefit.