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CNC Plasma Cutting Fume Extraction Systems

Plasma cutting produces a lot of fumes.  Extraction of fumes from large cutting tables can be extremely power consuming process (because of large area to be subjected to suction).  SANTONI has improvised on it by dividing the 4.5 m x 17 m table into seventeen sections of 4.5 x 1 m each, and a duct with doors opening in each of these sections,  is connected to a 10 hp suction blower with stack.  The doors are actuated with pneumatic cylinders - in sync with the cutting torches. 

This system has ensured exceptionally high efficiency of fume extraction with a relatively small power consumtion.

Process :

Installed two new Fume Extraction systems for CNC plasma cutting process. The new tables with in-built ducting allow suction only in the zone where plasma cutting is actually operating - completely automatically.

And as always, there is 100% efficiency of capturing. The power consumption is also the least. Sources show SANTONI systems being recommended by top manufacturers of CNC plasma cutters like Messer, etc.