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Gold from Ambient Air

Gold & silver bulk jewelry manufacturers have preferred  SANTONI for obvious reasons - it gives them fastest payback.  But VAIBHAV GEMS LTD. (Jaipur) had a very different application - to collect any residual gold dust from the ambient air.  We, therefore, had to work in collaboration with the company that  supplied the air-conditioning equipment (Blue Star Ltd.).  While Blue Star supplied the chiller plant and the AHU, along with the cold air delivery ducts, SANTONI  supplied special ducts for the return air.  These ducts were smooth inside with much higher air velocity (compared to the return air ducts of normal air-conditioning systems) so that the dust would not settle down in the ducts.

This return air was passed through a cartridge filter system with filter media of the cartridge elements from NORDIC (Denmark).  This system extracts the gold dust from the air to the extent of 99.99% (down to 1 micron) and 86.6% (down to 0.3 microns).  The net result is not only super clean air for the people working in the premises, but also cash profits.