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Fume Extraction System for CNC Plasma Cutting Process

Installed two new Fume Extraction systems for CNC plasma cutting process. The new tables with in-built ducting allow suction only in the zone where plasma cutting is actually operating - completely automatically. And as always, there is 100% efficiency of capturing. The power consumption is also the least.
Sources show SANTONI systems being recommended by top manufacturers of CNC plasma cutters like Messer, etc.

New Adjustable Extraction Arms for fumes/dust collection

Extraction arms with 3 pivotal adjustment points, twin-axis adjustable head, and externally mounted linkages launched! This series is completely developed & manufactured in India, and based on over 34 years of experience of Santoni.
Easy to use, and needs almost no maintenance.

Fume Extraction & Filter Systems with Adjustable Extraction Arms Launched!

Three stage filtration. Ultra high surface area of filters. Most power efficient blowers. Easy to replace filters. All in One Unit. Made to work with adjustable arm, or a plain hose connected with suction hood.

Car Wash Equipment - Made in India - Launched

Multi-point car wash systems. Underbody cleaning, hard to reach area cleaning, body cleaning, snow foam washers, tough stain wash, chemical wash, etc. All made in India. Clean any number of cars per day.
Interior cleaning using 24 hour running wet & dry industrial grade vacuum cleaners. Steam Cleaners for A/C vents, and disinfection of zones.

Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine for Warehouses/Cement industry/Steel industry launched

Heavy duty industrial cleaning machines with large floor nozzles to clean the fine dust/grains from floors of warehouses, packaging areas, and production areas.
With on board air compressors. Filters cleaned continuously. No manual intervention.

Latest Clients

Apollo Tyres, Mahindra & Mahindra, Honda, TATA, Reliance, ITC Ltd, Coca Cola, Pepsi Co.

Chart Explaining Santoni's Impact in the Food & Beverage Industry

7 out of these 10 global giants choose to clean with Santoni.

Chemical Industry: Johnson Matthey India Ltd.(Kanpur)-Central Vac System

Having implemented a 60 point Central Vacuum System earlier this year, Santoni has recieved a fresh order for another CVS for the Zinc Oxide Unit at the Knapur Plant.

High Pressure Hose Manufacture: Order Recieved for CVS

Gates India Ltd.(World's largest manufacrures of High Pressure Hoses) have placed an order on Santoni for a Central Vacuum System for their plant in Lalru (PB).

Mining Industry: Graphite Classification System

Santoni enters with their first project in this industry. Graphite Classicfication system having cyclone and bag-filter Classifiers successfully running at Vijaya Minarals Pvt. Ltd., Trichy (TN).

Buffing Machines: Metal Dust Collection at Source

Dust collection System Successfully installed at Diamond Intenational Ltd., Mayapuri (DL).

Surgical Needles

World's largest surgical needle manufacturer - Quality Needles, Noida - Successfully installed SIXTH consecutive dust collector.

Also supplied first dust collection system for surgical needle manufacture to Johnson & Johnson, Aurangabad (MH).

Proud to Announce Official Tie-Up with Cleanfix, Switzerland:

Santoni has recently acquired the official distributorship of complete range of cleaning products from Cleanfix, Switzerland.

These products set new benchmarks in quality cleaning solutions, and compete with only the best brands from across the globe. They serve with aplomb, the premium sector – in both industrial & commercial environments.

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Official Tie Up with Hefter Cleantech Germany, Germany

Hefter Cleantech Germanyis one of the most premium brands in the world for combined scrubber driers (autoscrubbers). Their patented technologies such as Variotech®, Turnado®, and Convert® have solved some of the biggest problem areas with autoscrubber operations - in both industrial & commercial areas.

These products are aimed at solving the needs of the organisations where cleanliness & hygiene are of paramount importance. Now available in India, exclusively by SANTONI.

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Official Tie Up with Santoemma, Italy

A pioneer in the field of injection-extraction machines, Santoemma offers exclusive cleaning programmes. These include wash-room cleaning, carpet cleaning, car cleaning and general cleaning programmes.Now available in India, through SANTONI.

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Official Tie Up with Stolzenberg, Germany

Internationally, Stolzenberg is one of the best brands in Sweeping machines. Be it a manual sweeper, a walk behind machine or ride-on sweepers, Stolzenberg offers the largest and most technologically advanced range of machines.Stolzenberg is known for its Tandem roller technology.
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Full Range of Cleaning Tools for Mechanical Operations Launched!

Meant to serve from the smallest of spaces to the largest like shopping malls, airports, railway stations, metro stations, etc., these tools have been specially selected to

UberVAC Series of Vacuum Systems Launched!

New Series of high quality vacuum systems from SANTONI. Built to compete with the best, these vacuums offer exceptionally high value for money.

Complete range of vacuums includes 15 Litres to 80 Litres capacity wet and dry vacuum cleaners, heavy duty industrial vacuum system - rated for continuous 24 hour operations. This range also includes cost effective injection-extraction machines.

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UberJET Series of High Pressure Water Cleaners Launched!

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning has various applications ranging from personally hobby based to highly professional industrial grade. Santoni offers a range of high quality jet cleaners to suit the needs of each and every application. Be it a cold water or a hot water jet cleaner, be it a spray gun, or a wet sanding application, drain cleaning application etc., Santoni offers all solutions.

Exclusive to Santoni, we also offer Custom Made Centralized High Pressure Jet cleaning systems - very useful in various industries.

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