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Work is worship - a three word statement every human being appreciates.

Work could also as easily mean disease - contagions make their presence felt every day- threatening any organization with losses due to absence, health insurance, medical bills - and affecting the employees too.

This huge socio-economic issue is dealt is world class organizations by the use of Santoni Cleaning equipment.

Carpets enhance the feel good factor in workspaces. But in tropical dusty climates, it becomes really challenging to maintain cleanliness. When mixed with moisture, dirty carpets become a hygiene nightmare.

Santoni carpet cleaning machines provide solutions - spray extractors, hot foam spray extractors, hot foam scrubbers, back pack vacuum systems and much more.

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These are often the most neglected parts for any workspace hygiene management team. As with carpets, sofas, chairs, blinds etc. also attract dust. High moisture levels then lead to a big problem.

All Santoni Vacuum Systems come with special fittings to enhance the ease & effectiveness of cleaning sofas, chairs, blinds, etc.

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Hard floors of most types require polish application & buffing - to ensure that shine levels remain high. Most often, this requires specialized equipment & trained housekeeping personnel. Santoni has developed solutions that enable non-trained personnel to apply polish & buff all hard floors with minimal initial training - check Santoni Single Disc Machines range for more.

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The largest polls for microorganisms are found in common washrooms and toilets in workplaces. It is a basic human right for every employee in an organization to get services of a clean washroom. Toilet cleaning is made easier & safer with Santoni pressure washers.

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