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Centralized Dust Collection System

For a Brake-shoe linings and clutch facing manufacturer M/s Brakewel Automotive Components (I) P. Ltd., NOIDA, UP, India (a suburb of New Delhi) approached SANTONI for the replacement of an existing central dust collection system.

This system had been supplied by a typical back-yard fabricator, who understood little about dust collection. Most of the grinding machines were provided with make-shift hoods or the duct hose was simply placed near the source point As a net effect the premises, where toxic asbestos was processed, looked like hell on the earth. Obviously, the workers in the premises, despite the simple filter masks on their noses, were being criminally subjected to inhuman conditions.

The proprietor of the company, though inclined to upgrade the dust collection system, was not willing to invest the kind of money that is required for a dust collection system appropriate for an asbestos processing unit. We studied the working of various grinders in the unit - some of them were vertical grinders, double head grinders, etc. and designed suction hoods which could, post-facto, be installed on the grinders to achieve better extraction efficiency.

After installing a new dust collection system covering some 12 points, the premises does not exactly look like heaven, but it certainly is not the kind of hell it used to be.