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Fume Extraction System - Portable

SANTONI produces a wide range of dust & fume collectors which actually work- because they are based on proper engineering principles.

  • Improve quality of production
  • Reduce down-time of equipment
  • reduce cost of production
  • improve working environment,
  • And improve productivity of workers – in short, improve profitability.

High efficiency fume collectors

Three stage filtration -
  • Pre-Filter
  • Large Fine Main Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter.
  • Suitable for soldering fumes, other non-corrosive fumes.
  • Other fume collectors available for acidic, alkaline and other corrosive fumes.

Low noise options available

Suitable forSoldering/welding fumes, processes generating fumes that donot condense into liquids, certain laboratory processes, etc.

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