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Fume Extractors - FUMEX

Fume Extractors - FUMEX

SANTONI produces a wide range of dust & fume collectors which actually work- because they are based on proper engineering principles.

  • Improve quality of production
  • Reduce down-time of equipment
  • reduce cost of production
  • improve working environment,
  • And improve productivity of workers – in short, improve profitability.

High efficiency fume collectors

Three stage filtration -
  • Pre-Filter
  • Large Fine Main Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter.
  • Suitable for soldering fumes, other non-corrosive fumes.
  • Other fume collectors available for acidic, alkaline and other corrosive fumes.

Low noise options available

Suitable forSoldering/welding fumes, processes generating fumes that donot condense into liquids, certain laboratory processes, etc.

FE-SERIES fume collectors have 3 Stage Filtration:
Model Power (KW/HP) Airflow Footprint (mm x mm) Height (mm)
FE-200 0.37/0.5 350 500 x 500 950 x 950
FE-400 0.75/1.0 700 650 x 650 1200
FE-800 1.5/2 1400 950 x 950 1450
FE-1200 2.2/3 2000 950 x 950 1750
  • Pre-filter to remove any large particles and to protect the main filter
  • Main- Filter to remove fine dust/fume particles
  • Activated Carbon Filter to remove the final traces of fumes and odours
  • Sturdy MS fabrication (optional SS-304, SS-316, FRP)
  • Three stage filtration
  • Pre-filter to remove large particles etc.
  • Main filter in micro-vee design for filtration down to 2 micron with 99.97% efficiency.
  • Very Large Filter area - long un-clogged life.
  • Activated Carbon Filter for odour removal
  • Contaminated air enters from the bottom - ensuring that Large particles stopped by pre-filter do not clog.
  • High suction/airflow dynamically balanced centrifugal blower on top of the fume collector.

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