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Gas Scrubbers


Key features

  • Gas scrubbers use turbulence in gas flow to interact the gas with a scrubbing solution (or plain water) to remove contaminants in the gas.  These contaminants can be fumes, gases, aerosols or solid particulates.
  • Corrosive and toxic materials can also be handled.
  • Gases at high temperature can be easily treated.
  • Scrubbing method is selected on the basis of various parameters of the application.
  • Equipment is custom designed to suit a customer’s requirements.
  • Can be made is a variety of materials – from MS, SS-304, SS-316, PP, FRP, etc.
  • From small to very large capacities are made.

Technologies available

  • Venturi scrubbers
  • Packed bed scrubbers
  • Combination of venturi and packed bed scrubbers
  • Cyclone scrubbers
  • Spray tower scrubbers
  • Orifice and plate scrubbers
  • Fluidized bed scrubbers


  • SO2 and NOx removal from boiler/furnace flue gas
  • Toxic Gases & Fumes can be sucked and neutralized
  • Boiler and furnace flue gases can be cleaned before letting them out
  • Acidic fumes from processes like pickling, electroplating, mixers, etc. can be safely removed
  • Chromic Acid can be recovered from hard chroming process
  • Dusts, fumes, gases, etc. can be simultaneously treated.
  • Sticky fumes can be handled
  • Chromic acid recovery from chrome plating plants

Some Prominent Clients:

  • Vibewell Eneterises P. Ltd.
  • United Food Company, Dubai
  • Inspros Engineers P. Ltd.,  Mandideep, MP.

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