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With a view to providing safe & comfortable accommodation, with varying levels of luxury, the hospitality industry understands the need for professional housekeeping the best.

And Santoni has been instrumental in providing world class cleaning equipment for housekeeping & for various special applications since last three decades.

The management of every hotel, spa and resort understands the importance of their client's first impression. This is a factor of many parameters - exterior design, interior design, courteous front desk management, etc. Santoni Professional Cleaning Equipment have been ensuring that the design, interior & exterior, continues to impress.

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Human element remains a chief priority for the management. Be it movement of clients, baggage, food, or even of the staff itself, maintaining high standard of hygiene tends to be a big challenge.

Santoni Programs benefit many areas - Carpet Cleaning, Floor Maintenance, Food Preparation Area, Washrooms, Health Centers to name a few - all areas get treated with international levels of hygiene management.

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True housekeeping means treatment of even the areas invisible to the clients. Typically, international housekeeping norms require proper housekeeping in utility zones as well. But this can be a crippling cost - Santoni has been providing innovative solutions for these applications as well - via in-house manufactured cleaning machines, costs of ownership & upkeep of these equipment is a small fraction of those of the imported machines - these include floor scrubbers, polishers, sweepers, wet vacuum cleaners and many others.

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