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Be it heavy engineering, infrastructure projects, or any other type of manufacturing industry, Santoni holds experience of over three decades of developing products & solutions that work well in the toughest of environments

Typically, there is a need for:

From floor to ceiling in case of finished projects, and at various stages in on-going projects, Santoni has provided solutions for diverse applications.

Floor Maintenance, housekeeping, dust control, finished goods preparation before dispatch, etc. generated during multiple processes - these are some of the treatments Santoni has to offer.

Recommended Equipment:

Dust & fumes of various kinds are the principle source of various problems - be it the employee's health, or the quality of the finished goods - these are a big source of expense to any kind of manufacturing company.

Santoni has developed custom made solutions for over 12,000 clients globally in the past three decades, and has had 100% success rate. Testimonials from various satisfied clients bears testimony to this fact.

Recommended Equipment:

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