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SANTONI offers a complete range of aerodynamic ducts for the following applications :
a. Pneumatic Conveying systems
b. Central Dust Collection Systems
c. Ventilation Systems
d. CentralVacuum Cleaning Systems
Why are good quality ducts important?
  • Ducts are a major source of pressure drop in a system - badly designed ducts can cause tremendous amount of pressure drop - and fail an otherwise good system.
  • Ducts can be a major drain due to excessive wear.
  • The airflow is not uniformly distributed over various points (or not distributed as desired) if the duct sections are not properly graded.
  • Unnecessary turbulence due to bad joints, sharp bends and Tees, etc. causes not only high pressure drop but also increases wear of the ducts.
  • For specific materials (with properties such as corrosiveness, abrasion, chemical reaction, etc.) right materials of construction have to be chosen.
  • Ducts form a major part of the cost of a system - therefore, well designed ducts can make a system cost effective.

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