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Santoni - Made in India

FS  1200

  • Ideally suited for the cleaning of large areas - such as lawns, roads inside factories, large godowns/warehouses, public places, exhibition grounds, etc.
  • Features a centrifugal blower based suction system
  • With a suction nozzle of 750 mm (30 inches) width it can cover upto 30000 Sq. ft per hour
  • Cleans floor having metal chips, dirt, dust, broken glass, leaves and other kind of dry particulate matter
  • Mounted on large inflated wheels which make movement very easy.
  • The nozzle in front has soft lips due to which it can suck from hard floors as well as soft surfaces like grass lawns and Golfcourses etc. It guzzles cut grass, leaves, light items such as cigarette butts, paper clippings, etc.
  • The dust is collected in a very large filter bag from where it can be disposed-off conveniently.
  • AA very special feature of the machine is the facility to attach a hose and extension wand - either to pick large volumes of light wastes (a heap of leaves) or to clean in nooks and corners. A special valve over the main nozzle can be rotated to shift the suction from the nozzle to the suction hose.
  • Available in four versions:

P - 2 HP 1-phase, motor run
K - Petrol start kerosene run engine from Honda.
D - Lombardini Diesel engine run
B - Battery run

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