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Santoni has been a pioneer in the industry since 1983 – we are celebrating our 30th Year of Excellence!In the last three decades, Santoni has come across various kinds of applications.
The project completion and success rate has been 100%. And the biggest proof of this is that our valued customers have been giving us repeat orders for their increasing requirements.
Below is the list of some of such customers:

  1. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., IMT Manesar, Haryana
  2. Since 2002, Santoni Central Vacuum Systems have been sole specified for all areas in the Paint Shop at MSIL, Manesar.
    • SIX Central Vacuum Systems having been supplied to Taikisha, Japan and Parker, Japan – both vendors for paint lines to MSIL.

  3. Sanspareil Greenlands Ltd. (SG), Meerut UP
  4. SG is one of the oldest and biggest manufacturers of superior quality cricketing equipment in the world.
    • Central Dust Collector System (Pulse-jet type, for saw dust and shavings)
    • The above system enables SG to work in an environment free from Sawdust and wood shavings - ensuring many tangible and intangible benefits. System working for the last 8 years.
    • Some of other companies mfg. Cricket equipment and using Santoni dust collectors - Sarin Sports P. Ltd. (Meerut), Worldwide Cricket P. Ltd. (Jullandhar), F.C.Sondhi & Co. P. Ltd. (Jullandhar)

  5. Madras Cements
  6. Madras Cements Ltd. manufactures one of the most well known brands - RAMCO Cement.
    • Central Vacuum System cum Pneumatic Conveying System for lifting spilled cement in the packing plants- 3 Tons/hr capacity.
    So far 4 systems installed at Salem, Chennai and Kolaghat plants.

  7. ANAND Group
  8. Santoni has had a very long association with the Anand Group of Companies (complete list of companies here). Santoni has supplied various products in the last 25 years to Anand Group. This covers a wide variety of companies in the automotive, chemical & other sectors.
    • Gabriel India Ltd.
    • Gabriel India Ltd is the key supplier of suspension parts to automotive companies in India.
      • Many custom made Stand Alone Dust Collectors to Gabriel, Nasik.
      • Heavy Duty Vacuum System (Santoni HVC) & Fume Extraction system to Gurgaon plants.
      • DC 800 (Dust Collector from DC Range) - to Gurgaon plant.
      • Centralized Vacuum System for their plant at Parwanoo and so on.
    • MAHLE (Erstwhile Purolator and MAHLE existed as separate brands)
      • Special Purpose Custom Made Filter Cleaning Machine supplied to Purolator plant at Parwanoo, and
      • Dust Collector to Purolator, Gurgaon.
    • Echlin India Ltd. - Pulse jet Bag Filter based dust collection system for brake shoe production.
    • Henkel Teroson Ltd.
      • SIX Special Purpose filtration Systems. These were supplied to clean the air being sucked by the vacuum pump during rubber mixing operations.
    • Federal Mogul
      • Vacuum Cleaners and Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machines from the Cleaning Division at Santoni.

  9. DENSO India Ltd.
  10. DENSO started its operations in India in the year 1984. This company has been one of the most prominent names in the automotive industry in India as a premium products supplier.
    A detailed history of the company and its operations may be found here.
    Santoni has had an extremely long relationship with DENSO India Ltd as one of their regular suppliers.
    With the growth of DENSO India Ltd, Santoni has supplied to them a variety of machines customized for their applications over the last more than two decades. This includes various
    • Dust Collectors (DC Range) - several
    • Fume Extractors (FE Range) - several
    • Heavy Duty Vacuum Systems (HVC)- several
    • Bag Filtration Systems
    • Cartridge Filtration Systems

  11. Schenck RoTec India Ltd.
    (Erstwhile Schenck Avery Ltd.)
  12. A 125 year old company in the field of Balancing and Diagnostics technology.
    Since 1991, Santoni has supplied over 50 machines which have been used as accessory to Schenck's balancing machines and are working in the top automobile companies in India - such as Tata motors

  13. Sobha Developers, Bangalore
  14. Sobha Developers Ltd, a Rs. 15 billion company, is the largest backward integrated real estate player in the country.
    For their wood working and furniture manufacturing unit at Hosur, TN, Santoni has supplied a mix of
    • Wood Working Dust Collectors (WW range) - 20+
    • Special Purpose Dust Collectors for their wide belt sanders.

  15. Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd.
  16. A premier company mfg. engine pistons and rings, SPR has purchased several standard and custom built machines from Santoni. These include
    • Fume Extractors
    • Mist Collection Systems
    • Stand Alone Dust Collectors
    • Heavy Duty Vacuum Systems - for online chip collection.
    • Cleaning Equipment

  17. INSPROS Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Bhopal, MP
  18. An Electrical insulation & components and magnetic component manufacturer in Mandideep (Near Bhopal).
    Santoni helps ensure that the products from INSPROS remain true to their quality through various systems supplied to it:
    • Central Vacuum Systems
    • Wet Scrubbing systems - 2 nos.
    • Pulse jet Bag Filter System based central dust collection system

  19. Brakewel Automative Components India Ltd.
  20. This company is dedicated to mfg QUALITY AUTOMATIVE brake-shoe lining and clutch facing which involves highly dust generating processes.
    Santoni helps maintain cleanliness, quality of products and healthy work environment by the Dust Collection Systems provided to Brakewel.

  21. Johnson Matthey India Ltd.
  22. Johnson Matthey is a speciality chemicals company focused on its core skills in catalysts, precious metals, fine chemicals and process technology.
    In India, Johnson Matthey has three manufacturing sites spread across Mumbai, Manesar and Kanpur.
    Santoni has provided solutions to Johnson Matthey since the last many years.
    Various products have been supplied by Santoni such as:
    • Completely automatic Pneumatic Conveying system for highly toxic Nickel Oxide
    • Central Vacuum Systems for cleaning various parts of the plant.
    • Central High pressure water jet system for cleaning vessels and mixers.
    • Central dust collector for polishing of catalytic converter cartridges.
    These products continue to help maintain a clean and safe work environment that also ensures an aesthetically appealing work place.

  23. Derewalla Jewellery Ltd.
  24. A large scale jewelry manufacturer and exporter with a state of the art plant.
    Santoni helps Derewala Jewellers stay in this industry leading position through various Products & Services provided to them:
    • Several Cartridge Filter based central dust collection Systems
    • Multiple Micro Dust Collectors for collectingprecious metal dust.
    • Buffing machines with built-in dust collection.

  25. Vaibhav Gems, Jaipur
  26. Vaibhav Gems, one of the leading manufacturers of jewellery in world, has been a regular customer of Santoni Products and Services.
    A brief description of Vaibhav Jems may be found here.
    A list of the products and services provided to Vaibhav Jems may be found below:
    • Multiple Ambient Air Cleaning Equipment (Separating Gold Dust from Air)
    • Various Micro Dust Collectors by Santoni - Custom made for separating gold dust from air during buffing operations

  27. Precision Pipes and Profiles, Noida
  28. PPAP is a leading manufacturer of high quality automotive sealing systems and exterior products in India. The company has four state of the art manufacturing facilities, which are located in New Delhi and Noida.
    With the help of Santoni, all the plants are TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.
    Santoni has provided specialized systems to Precision Pipes and Profiles
    • Pneumatic Conveying system for handling plastic scrap
    • Custom designed flock control systems
    • Central dust collectors
    • Stand-alone dust collectors.

  29. Motherson Group
    Sumi Motherson
  30. Sumi Motherson Innovative Engineering Limited (SMIEL) - Components Division, is a joint venture between Samvardhana Motherson Group and Sumitomo Wiring Systems Limited (SWS), Japan. It is a commercial molding shop supplying to a wide spectrum of industries. We have installed
    several Dust Collection Systems (DC Range) for Surface grinding operations

  31. K&K Auto P. Ltd., Hosur, KA
  32. This company is an ancillary unit of TVS Auto, India. It supplies brake-shoes.
    As per the requirements of most major organisations, even this company, being an ancillary to TVS, is expected to maintain a clean & safe working environment, while maintaining best possible quality of the finished goods.
    This is made possible through various systems supplied by Santoni, such as:
    • Various models of Dust Collectors from the DC Series by Santoni - about 15 pieces

  33. ESSAR Steels Ltd.
  34. Essar Steels Ltd. Is one of the premier organisations in India dedicated to production and supply of steel in various forms. Detailed information about this company may be found here.
    Santoni has been one of the main suppliers of cleaning equipment of various kinds through the years to ESSAR.
    • Multiple numbers of FS-1200 vacuum floor sweepers.

  35. Munjal Showa Ltd.
  36. Established in 1985, this company has progressed very fast and today is one of the leading suppliers to Hero Moto Corp. in India, the world's largest manufacturer of passenger motorcycles.
    Munjal Showa Ltd. started its relationship with Santoni more than a decade ago. Since then, the company has procured from Santoni
    • Multiple Custom Made Dust Collection Systems for various mfg. activities.
    Even today, these systems have been certified to be working very well.
    Through Munjal Showa, because of their good experience with Santoni, multiple orders from other OEM suppliers to Hero Moto Corp., apart from Hero Moto Corp. itself, have been procured and implemented.
    This in itself is the certificate of the client's experience with Santoni Products & Services.

  37. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. (MTNL)
  38. MTNL is recognized as one of the largest telecom services providers in Asia with a customer base exceeding 5 million.
    Santoni has played its part in maintaining MTNL telephone exchanges with the help of hundred plus units of vacuum cleaners.

  39. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
  40. HUL is one of the largest companies in India, a subsidiary of the gigantic Unilever group.HUL works to create a better future every day and helps people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others.
    Santoni has helped maintain the quality of HUL's products as well as safeguarding the health of their employees by providing various Products and Services, including the supply of more than 100 machines for cleaning activities through the last three decades.

  41. Some of the best hotel chains in India
  42. And we are proud to say that we have supplied Santoni Products and Services to the most premium members of this industry.
    • The Welcome Group from ITC owns the Maurya chain of hotels. Santoni products have been supplied in hundreds across this group in the last three decades of our operations.
    • The Oberoi, New Delhi has had regular supplies of Santoni Cleaning Machines in bulk as per their requirements.
    • The Taj chain of hotels and resorts have also been one of the oldest clients of Santoni products and services.

  43. Food & Beverage Industry
  44. This is another industry where maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is of utmost importance. Santoni has been supplying high-quality products and services to this industry since the last three decades.
    Some of the prominent clients are:
    • Dabur: One of the biggest F&B companies operating in India & Nepal, while supplying its products across the world. Santoni has helped with the cleanliness of their operations and quality of their products by supplies of cleaning machines like Scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners and Special Purpose Pollution Control Equipment - customized for Dabur.
    • Other Brands like Britannia, Cadbury, Hindustan Coca Cola Ltd., PepsiCo. Ltd. have also been prominent clients.

    Chart Explaining Santoni's Impact in the Food & Beverage Industry

  45. Pharmaceutical Industry:
  46. This is the industry where life-saving drugs and medication are manufactured. Here, there is a need to provide equipment that are top of the line in terms of their design and safe operation.
    Santoni has been a major supplier of cleaning equipment to companies like Ranbaxy, Glaxo, Torrent, etc.

  47. Larsen & Toubro:
  48. L&T has had a very old relationship with Santoni. This is one of the biggest companies in the world. In India, L&T caters to various fields like Engineering, Infrastructure, Information technology and many others.
    Santoni has provided various machines over the last three decades to L&T like
    • Single Disc Scrubbing Machines
    • Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners
    • High Pressure Water Jet Cleaners - Hot & Cold Water

  49. Indian Defence Forces
  50. Santoni greatly respects the Indian Armed forces for their role in safeguarding the National Security. For the Men & Women protecting our Nation, Santoni has been one of the largest suppliers of cleaning equipment.
    In 30 years of its' operations, Santoni would have supplied at least 500 machines across various bases of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy, besides the ultra-uber Indian Military Academy.

  51. Textile Industry
  52. Santoni caters to the textile industry through various products and services specifically designed for operations in this industry. About 1500 machines have been supplied through the length and breadth to various prominent clients in this industry throughout India. This industry has a lot of requirements that are managed by Santoni.
    Some of the prominent clients include:
    • Grasim (Bhiwani Textile Mills Ltd.)
    • Bombay Dyeing
    • Premier Mills
    • Narayan Krishan Spinner Ltd
    • Rajyashree Mills Ltd
    • Raymond
    • Sri Ramalinga mills

  53. Mausam Bhavan, Deptt. Of Science & Technology, New Delhi
  54. The First of its kind in India - Ultra Vacuum Cleaning System based on HEPA Filter - designed and manufactured in-house at Santoni supplied to Mausam Bhavan, Department of Science & Technology at New Delhi.