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Mechanical Bag Filtration Systems

Mechanical shaker based dust collectors are very economical and suitable for applications that generate course dusts – for example saw dust and wood shavings.

Mechanical bag filters are available in two versions:
  1. Open Bag Filter System – bags are exposed.  For installation indoors.
  2. Closed Bag Filter System – bags are enclosed in a chamber – can be installed outdoors too.

Filter cleaning is achieved by shaking the filters –
(1) Manually, and
(2) Automatically with a motor based shaking system. 

Motorized automatic filter shakers are controlled by a contactor-timer based logic system with several cycle options – e.g. the shaker operates for 15 seconds every time the system is switched on, OR shaker operates for 15 seconds periodically – say after every 15 minutes, etc.
The success of Santoni’s mechanical dust collector systems lies in their superior design, better filter media options, low ratio between airflow rate and filter area, etc.

Some Prominent Clients:
  • Shobha Developers, Bangalore
  • NLDK, Manesar
  • Akbar Furniture, Manesar
  • Harmony Systems, Okhla
  • Sark Synertek, Noida

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