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Military soldiers stand as the first line of defense - taking upon themselves the responsibility of protecting their nations. The enemy is not the only attacker, in fact, a bigger risk to their lives is the exposure to environmental difficulties, disease, etc.

Santoni equipment come into service - even in the most difficult of terrains - providing high levels of hygiene, be it the barracks or the military vehicles (battle tanks, trucks, etc.).

To maintain optimum hygiene levels, Santoni has created systemic cleaning practice schedule for various military dining halls in India. This includes floor cleaning, wall cleaning, color coded cleaning as per international standards, etc.

Products in use include single disc scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaning machines, etc.

Recommended Equipment:

Critical equipment like battle tanks are cleaned using Santoni high pressure washers - ensuring that the vehicles remain clean - even after use in muddy terrain.

Recommended Equipment:

Concrete areas are cleaned using proprietary vacuum sweepers from Santoni - ensuring coverage of large areas with least possible costs of operation.

Recommended Equipments:

Hygiene counts a lot in these zones, and Santoni high pressure washers are in use by military forces to maintain high standards.

Recommended Equipment:

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