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Special Purpose Pollution Control Equipment

SPMs for those production processes that generate dust & fumes
  • To recover expensive materials
  • To protect the production equipment
  • To protect the product
  • To protect the operators
  • To protect equipment in the vicinity
  • To automate removal of dust/fumes
  • To make handling  safer and simpler
  • To prevent spreading of toxic materials
  • To prevent downtown of the equipment
  • To prolong precision life of the equipment

Where Santoni Can Help:

Thumb Car Wash Equipment - Made in India
Multi-point car wash systems. Underbody cleaning, hard to reach area cleaning, body cleaning, snow foam washers, tough stain wash, chemical wash, etc. All made in India. Clean any number of cars per day. Interior cleaning using 24 hour running wet & dry industrial grade vacuum cleaners. Steam Cleaners for A/C vents, and disinfection of zones.

ThumbCNC Plasma Cutting tables
CNC Plasma Cutting tables with custom made fume exhaust systems.

Thumb ThumbCNC Routers- Wood Working & Electronics Item
For better Quality finished products in wood working & electronics industries..

Thumb CNC Work Stations- Graphite Components
For manufacture of graphite based components.

Thumb Printing Industry
For the removal of excess sprayed starch during printing.

ThumbArt Paper Manufacture
During art paper manufacturing, cotton roll turning is done. Our Special Purpose Pollution Control Equipment ensure cleaner operation, thus better quality finished product.

ThumbSurface Grinding Polishing & Buffing
During various operations like surface grinding, polishing, large quantity of dust is generated.This can be trapped at the source point effectively-giving tangible n in tangible benefits.

Thumb Sugar Industry
During manufacture of sugar their is generation of sugar dust & possibility of foreign particles spoiling finished product. This can be effectively controlled through Santoni products.

Thumb Toxic  Material Handling
Various Industrial processes require the handling of highly toxic materials. This can safely n effectively be achieved by Special Purpose Santoni Machines.

ThumbVechile Cleaning Before Despatch
In automotive manufacture or service plants, vechiles are required to be cleaned thoroughly before despatch.

Thumb Food Industry – Cleaning Before Processing
In various satges of food products manufacture the feed needs to be cleaned of any impurities.

Thumb Textile Industry – fluff and lint removal
During production of any textile related items (garments, carpets,upholestery etc.) their is generation of fluff and lint.This hampers the quality of finished goods & more importantly, health of the operators.

Thumb Rubber Industry – Removal of Carbon Black and Fumes
During production of various rubber items ex. tires. Their is production of huge quantity of carbon black (powder & Fumes).

Thumb Electronics – Soldering Fumes, PCB Drilling and Router Waste
Various processes in Electronics industry like Soldering, PCB Drilling and CNC Router operation - Generate different kinds of waste harmful to the environment and to the finished items.

Thumb Jewelry Industry – Recovery of Precious Metals
Gold, Silver, Brass & other such precious raw materials get wasted during operations like buffing, polishing etc. in the production of jewelery apart from the tangible loss of the raw material their is a huge intangible loss as well.

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